Frequently Asked Questions

Email Bind binds directly with your email. To register, all you need to do is send an email to, and you can complete the registration process yourself. It's very simple.

We are currently in the free Early Access stage, with a limit of 100,000 tokens per month. We hope to establish a connection with you during this stage and collect your opinions and feedback.

We attach great importance to your privacy and do not store any of your email content. Your email content will only be stored in the email sending queue for 1-2 minutes and will be immediately deleted from the server after processing. Moreover, please use Email Bind only where it is permitted by local laws.

After you successfully register an account, you can start a conversation by sending an email to or The subject is usually used to mark the main relationship, and we typically write the purpose of the conversation here. The content is the prompt for communicating with ChatGPT.

Not sure how to write a prompt? You can refer to: https://

Yes, it supports multi-turn conversations. You can conduct a conversation with contextual information by directly replying to the content returned by

The GPT model currently does not support internet connection, while Bard does. When you need to obtain the latest news from the Internet, we recommend you use

Yes, both support Chinese. Specifically, we have optimized Bard to support Chinese queries.

For any product suggestions and feedback, you can send an email directly to