User Guide

1. Registering an Account

To register an account with Email Bind, you will need to send an email to The registration process is self-guided and should be straightforward. Your account will be bound directly to your email address.

2. Billing

During the Early Access phase, usage of Email Bind is completely free. However, there is a monthly limit of 100,000 tokens. We greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions during this stage.

3. Privacy and Content Safety

We prioritize user privacy and data security. Your email content is never stored permanently, only temporarily held in the email sending queue for 1-2 minutes before being deleted from our server post-processing. Please ensure your usage of Email Bind is compliant with local laws.

4. Starting a Conversation with ChatGPT/Google Bard

Once your account is registered, you can initiate a conversation with ChatGPT or Google Bard by emailing or, respectively. The subject line of your email should briefly describe the purpose or theme of your conversation, while the body of the email should contain your prompt for the conversation.

5. Crafting Prompts

A "prompt" is a message or question that begins a conversation. If you need help crafting prompts, please refer to our guide at: https://

6. Multi-turn Conversations

Email Bind supports multi-turn conversations. To engage in a conversation with context, simply reply to the email received from

7. Limitations

Please be aware of the following limitations:

8. Internet Support

While our GPT model does not currently support internet connections, Bard does. When you need to get the latest information from the internet, please use

9. Language Support

Email Bind supports both English and Chinese. Bard has been specifically optimized for Chinese queries.

10. Contacting Customer Service

For any feedback, suggestions or issues, please reach out to us at We're always here to help.

Enjoy using Email Bind!